Groups in Brooklyn in zipcode area 11237

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An Easier, Softer Way
Wyckoff Heights Medical Center
374 Stockholm St.  11237  (Between St Nicholas & Wyckoff)
Hospital Chapel (Room 1-01, Main Lobby)
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 WC  AC  Agnostic/Meditation
 C 11:00 A 

Mejor Paso, El
228 Wyckoff Ave.
228 Wyckoff Ave.  11237  

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Spanish    Meetings are 2 hours long.
 C 11:00 A 
C 7:00 P 

 C 8:00 P 

 C 8:00 P 

 C 8:00 P 

 C 8:00 P 

Storybook Theatre
Bushwick Abbey
176 Saint Nicholas Ave.  11237  (Stanhope and Himrod St)

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* Big Book Topic 
 * O 7:30 P 


The public, students, and family are welcome to attend any meetings coded O or OD only. Alcoholics and anyone who thinks they may have a problem with alcohol, may attend any meeting.
Meeting Codes: B=Beginners BB=Big Book C=Closed CD=Closed Discussion F=Feelings G=Grapevine L=Literature LS=Living Sober M=Men's Mn=Meditation O=Open OD=Open Discussion S=Step T=Tradition Tp=Topic W=Women's
Meetings are in English unless indicated. ES=Spanish PL=Polish RU=Russian
WC=Wheelchair Access AC=Air Conditioned

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